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We offer on location beauty services as well as in our private studio in the city of San Fernando, California.

All appointments require a 30% non-refundable deposit.

Booking Policy: 

Please note you can reschedule your appointment with a 24 hour notice only once, you can apply the same deposit to change your date one-time, after that you'll be forfeiting the deposit. 

To be considerate of others please leave small children at home, due to COVID we're only servicing 2 people at a time, so please leave your friends or family at home if they're not part of your group that are getting the service.

Please refrain from using your cell phone while getting your makeup done this prolongs the service. 

Late Policy:

If you're running more then 10mins late please call us, if we don't have another party scheduled after you we can accommodate you however there are no guarantees. We do reserve the right to refuse service if you're running more then 10mins late for consideration to other clients scheduled. If you show up 11 mins late and we're unable to accommodate you, you will be forfeiting your deposit. 

COVID Symptoms:

If you're feeling sick or have any COVID symptoms and you show up to your appointment we reserve the right to refuse service and you'll be forfeiting your deposit. Please be considerate to the safety of others and reschedule for another time if you have any symptoms. 

By booking an appointment you're agreeing to our policies and are subject to temperature checks upon arrival.


Anything booked before 7am will have an additional charge of $25 per service. 

In the rare event the stylist or artist has an emergency, they will find a qualified replacement for your services. You as the client will be notified of the changes, if you refuse the service with the replacement you can re-schedule using the same deposit. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS as we do work very hard to keep your scheduled appointments with no interruptions. 

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Foundation Smudges


(Includes luxury lashes and a touch up kit)

  • In-Studio Makeup $130

  • In-Studio Bridal Makeup $150

  • On-Location Makeup $160

  • On-Location Bridal Makeup $180

$25 additional charge for bookings before 7am

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Hair Styling


  • In-Studio Hairstyling $90

       Length: Short (above Shoulders) 

  • In-Studio Hairstyling $100

      Length: Medium (at the shoulders)

  • In-Studio Hairstyling $110

      Length: Long (below shoulders) 

  • In-Studio Hairstyling $120

​       Length: Xtra Long (At waist)

  • On-Location Hairstyling $120

       Length: Short (above Shoulders)

  • On-Location Hairstyling $130

       Length: Medium (at the shoulders)

  • On-Location Hairstyling $140

       Length: Long (below shoulders)

  • On-Location Hairstyling $150

       Length: Xtra Long (At Waist)

$25 additional charge for bookings before 7am

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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

(Please note PMU is only offered in our studio and the correction of old tattoo's have to be approved prior to booking)

Microshading of the brows is a soft natural permanent alternative to beautiful eyebrows NOT to be confused with microblading. Instead of a blade cutting into your skin causing damage and scarring we use a needle, like a tattoo but much softer only penetrating the first layer of skin. Lasts up to 2-3 yrs (depending on your skin, dry vs oily) once you complete your touch-up.


The service consists of 2 sessions: The 1st session includes a consultation, medical questionnaire, choosing the ideal brow shape and color and keep in mind the client always has the final approval before we start. The 2nd session is a touch-up for you to retain the color longer and to perfect the final shape.

  • Microshading of the Eyebrows $320

  • Touch-up (6wks later) $180

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Facial Treatment

Fibroblast skin tightening is performed with a pen-like device (also known as a plasma pen) to deliver an electric current to targeted areas of the skin, creating micro-injuries in the process. The micro-injuries stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, inducing new collagen and elastin production in the skin, and ultimately resulting in skin resurfacing, without any surgery.

An effective fibroblast skin tightening treatment has the potential to improve the overall tone and texture of skin as well as boost collagen production, creating a firmer, healthier, younger appearance. Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening and reducing eyelids, and treating acne scars, stretch marks, and signs of aging such as hyperpigmentation and crepiness


  • Upper Eyelids $200

  • Under Eyes $200

  • Crown's Feet $180

  • Forehead $250

  • Smile Lines $180

  • Cheeks $180

  • Upper Lip $190

  • Lower Lip $140

  • Chin $160


  • Neck $400

  • Hands $420

  • Abdomen (small area)  $350

  • Abdomen (large area) $600

  • Knees $400

  • Behind Ears $320

  • Breasts $600+

  • Breast Lift Scar $500

  • Tummy Tuck Scar $400

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